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SC of the Finger Lakes
Wilson Ice Arena at
SUNY Geneseo

Merritt Athletic Center
Geneseo, New York

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Learn To Skate USA
Basic Skills

Figure Skating is a sport one can participate in individually or as a
member of a team, recreationally or competitively, throughout
one's life. It is fun, creative and challenging. It involves the
development, practice and execution of skills that one
progressively learns and builds on over time.
Learning skills and mastering those skills is an important part of
child development. Over the years, U.S. Figure Skating, through
the expertise of its skaters, professionals and judges, and in
collaboration with figure skaters throughout the world, has
developed practices designed to assist individuals of all ages in
learning and mastering skating skills.

Figure Skating provides a wonderful opportunity for children of all
ages to learn physical and mental skills to engage in a sport that
is creative, challenging and fun. As parents supporting our
children in their development, we look for information that will help
us make informed decisions as we support our children in their
activities. We hope the information we make available will provide
a useful and helpful resource about figure skating and the basic
skills of the sport.

The objectives of the program are:
• To provide a fun and safe skating experience for the beginner as
well as the more advanced skater
• To teach correct technique of the simple basic elements
• To promote health and physical fitness
• To enable all participants to achieve the skills necessary to either
skate for fun the rest of their lives or to move competently into the
Learn To Skate advanced test and/or competitive structure
    (courtesy of learntoskateusa.com)

A bike helmet or one similar is mandatory for all beginner skaters.
No scarves are allowed.
Skater must supply their own skates.
Please avoid any pant legs that are loose fitting.

We do not offer skate rental at this time. Skates may be
purchased at Walmart, Dick's, or online. Avoid the plastic molded
skates as feet tend to get cold and the support is not good.

Please visit learntoskateusa.com for more valuable information.

Please click HERE for the registration forms for the 2018-19 Skating Program.